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Geneva Motor Show: Koenigsegg unleashes 1120kW Regera

By Curt Dupriez, 04 Mar 2015 News

Geneva Motor Show: Koenigsegg unleashes 1120kW Regera

Swedish-firm stakes its claim for “fastest accelerating, most powerful production car ever”

Beyond head-spinning output and performance claims, the Regera could well revolutionise hybrid ‘hyperformance’.

First, the numbers: its 5.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 offers 820kW at 7800rpm and 1280Nm at 4100rpm, while a trio of electric motors add a further 500kW and 900Nm combined.

Total system outputs, according to the Swedish maker, are “over 1500hp” or beyond 1100kW and “over 2000Nm”.

While no 0-100km/h time has been revealed, its claimed the Regera takes just 3.2sec to reach 250km/h from 150km/h and will hit 400km/h – just six shy of its v-max – from a standstill in under 20 seconds.

The revolutionary aspect is the powertrain application itself: instead of using internal combustion to do the heavy lifting topped with electrified boost – ala Le Ferrari, P1, 918 – the Regera design works quite the opposite.

Koenigsegg’s Direct Drive Transmission (KDD) removes a conventional gearbox, and its associated parasitic drivetrain losses, from the equation. Via a (2.85:1 ratio) differential, most of the V8’s 820kW makes it directly to the road at 8250rpm at Regera’s 406km/h peak velocity.

It is down to the trio of electrified motors to provide the majority of low-to-high-speed motivation: one 160kW/300Nm attached at the V8’s crankshaft for ‘normal’ driving duties and a pair of independent 180kW/260Nm units on the rear axle either side of the mechanical differential. 

Essentially, then, the Regera functions as an EV with petrol-enhanced high-speed boost, and at 500kW and 900Nm fully electrified – “triple its closet hybrid rival” says its maker – has all-electric talent to make the quickest Tesla blush with envy.

The Regera is no stripped out electro-racecar, though: the spec list is fully laden and so is its hefty 1628kg kerb weight, suggesting that the Regera is gunning to position itself as a sort of new-world hybrid Veyron.

High-end luxury credentials are demonstrated via its so-called ‘fully robotised’ design where all body closures, from its doors at active roof wing, are completely automated, even remotely via smartphone.

Inside, the Regera boasts eight-way electric seats, high-end infotainment and audio, three-camera monitoring, ambient lightening, Wi-Fi connectivity and other premium bells and whistles.

The Regera’s front and rear aerodynamics addenda, chassis control and lift system are all active and use a system of lightweight hydraulic actuators.    

Despite the luxo-supercar format, Koenigsegg claims that “the only hyper-megacar that could be faster around a circuit is another Koenigsegg.”

That’s like a red rag to a Prancing Horse, we reckon…

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