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How to drive a Porsche 911 in the wet

By Scott Newman, 07 Feb 2017 News

YouTube sensation knows how to wrestle a 911

How to drive a Porsche 911 in the wet

Meet Sandro Ziegler. We don't know much about him, apart from the fact that he's extremely handy behind the wheel of a Porsche 911.

He operates a YouTube account called Showdown911, which features numerous videos of him driving Stuttgart's iconic sports car at (and over) the ragged edge. 

Despite what the lairy oversteer in the video above suggests, the car in question is actually a a 993 Carrera 4, which just goes to show how much fun rear-biased all-wheel drive systems can be. A point further proven by the 993 Turbo video below.

According to the internet, Zeigler's 911 is an early 200kW model, with performance enhanced thanks to a G64/21 close ratio gearbox and a drastic weight reduction (including plastic windows) down to just 1200kg, a drop of around 200kg.

A lightweight flywheel helps it rev more freely while new suspension keeps everything (relatively) stable. Of course, the main factor in the car's speed is the man behind the wheel, who appears to straddle the line between genius and madman.

One of his favourite pastimes appears to be hunting down much more modern 911s, like this video above chasing a 997 GT3 RS around the Nurburgring, a place of which he has intimate knowledge if his commitment levels are anything to go by.

Zeigler's home track (the majority of videos are from here) is a technical 4km layout called Anneau du Rhin in Blitzheim, France. Who wouldn't feel a little smug giving a new 991 911 Turbo S a hurry-up in a 20-year old Carrera 4?

Sandro Zeigler, you're a legend.