HSV GTSR ‘W1’ replica build underway in the USA

A Chevrolet SS has been converted into a GTSR in America, with W1 styling too

HSV GTSR replica Chevrolet SS

We stumble across some interesting things on the internet, and few have been more interesting to us this week than this HSV GTSR W1 replica in the United States.

Initially unsure if it was a genuinely imported GTSR (or even a real W1), we reached out to owner Josh who was happy to spill the beans. It turns out, Josh is a big fan of Aussie cars, having already owned the US equivalent of a Holden Monaro.

“I came from the Pontiac GTO which is a Monaro. It was my dream car growing up and as soon as I could I bought one and had it several years and totally decked it.”

Pontiac GTO

He says after that, he decided to sell it and save for a new pickup and a Chevrolet SS, essentially a VF Commodore SS, complete with LS3 and Aussie muscle car styling. But Josh wanted his SS to be different.

HSV GTSRs get around, here's a Maloo we found in Malta!

“The GTSR kit always reminded me of Pontiac (particularly the front end) and I knew I had to have it.”

Josh then began the process of turning his SS into a GTSR, using genuine parts and fitting them himself.

“I initially found the seats out of a 2000-mile car on eBay and ended up buying them. That’s what started my transformation.

HSV GTSR seats in Chevrolet SS

“I found several sources who could get me parts for the car, I ended up getting all OEM GTSR things except for the fenders and spoiler. They’re both W1 carbon fibre. I added a 5th-gen Camaro carbon fibre hood vent, and did the front and side splitters of the GTSR in carbon fibre.

Serbian HK Monaro, anyone?

“I also did all the carbon on the inside myself. Almost every time I take the car out, I’ve gotten compliments and ‘what is that?’ as no HSVs ever [officially] made it to the states. To my knowledge I am the first GTSR sedan in the USA, but a ute showed up last year.”

HSV GTSR Chevrolet SS

Though the running gear is still standard atmo SS for now, Josh plans to give the 6.2-litre V8 a bit more walk to match his car’s GTSR W1 visual talk.

The GTSR Maloo W1s!

“I think come December I’m going to put a Procharge or a Whipple supercharger on the LS3 that came with our cars here in the States.”

Josh, we salute you. Check out more pics supplied by Josh in the gallery above!


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