Infiniti Q60 Red Sport engine cops 418kW with KERS system

Project Black S Concept goes from 298kW to 418kW thanks to Formula 1 KERS tech

Infiniti Q60 Red Sport engine 418kW KERS system

Infiniti has successfully engineered KERS into its Q60 Project Black S concept, boosting its outputs from 298kW to 418kW. That’s a 40 per cent increase.

Infiniti's Project Black S has been a working prototype concept featuring the Q60 Red Sport’s road going 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 engine. Otherwise known as the VR30.

Infiniti Q 60 Red Sport Engine Jpg

And in a move that broadens the overlap between the brand and its technical partner Renault F1, it has engineered the Black S's powertrain with functioning kinetic and heat energy recovery systems, like the hybrid power unit in current F1 cars.

It harvests from a MGU-H (Motor Generator Unit Heat) and MGU-K (Motor Generator Unit Kinetic) that can either store the energy, deploy it to the rear wheels or the turbo shaft to quicken spool.

Nico Hulkenberg has personally signed off on two working Black S KERS prototypes he tested at Austria’s Salzburgring. And, like the F1 cars that inspired the project, the Black S KERS is claimed to be able to deliver lap after lap.

The two cars also featured multiple modes that change the behaviour and characteristics of its harvesting and discharge, named Road, Quali and Race.

Infiniti Q 60 Red Sport Switches Jpg

So, when can you drive one? Kinetic Energy Recover Systems were once the preserve of Formula One cars, or hypercars, but the brand’s deputy chairman, Mike Colleran, said it’s evaluating the technology for market.

“There is still work to be done,” he said, “now we have two completed prototypes we will fully evaluate the production potential of Project Black S.

“It is still too early to predict the outcome as we need a solid business case, but the latest rounds of testing have proved its unique performance and underlines our pursuit of electrified performance.”

Infiniti Q 60 Project Black S Rear Jpg

Australia is familiar with the Q60 Red Sport but we doubt we’ll see a road-going Black S before Infiniti exits the local market at the end of next year.

But if there’s anyone listening at parent company Nissan we’re sure, while being very speculative, a 40 per cent power jump would suit the next Nissan GT-R’s 421kW VR38 very well.

Here’s to hoping.

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