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This Italian airport now has a Lamborghini, because Italy

By David Vegners, 13 Dec 2019 News

Italian airport now has Lamborghini

Need to get to your terminal in a hurry? This V10-powered Supercar is here to help

Lamborghini have stepped up the airport car game with the announcement that a special edition Huracan will now be moping around Bologna airport.

Sadly, the 5.2-litre V10 will have little chance to utilise its 430kW on the airport runway as it shepherds incoming and departing flights. With the rear-drive model costing close to A$400,000, the gesture was a generous one from the Italian supercar company.

Lamborghini at work at Italian airport

If subtlety was the goal, the mark was badly missed. The car features a special orange livery to ensure that it is visible to pilots, Italian flags all round, ‘follow me’ stickers and a bright, flashing, orange light sitting atop the roof. Radios fitted inside the car connect to the control tower and ensure that there are no inevitably widely publicised mishaps.

The job is not exactly an appropriate one for the Italian supercar, with airport car speeds limited to 56km/h, though the Lamborghini still holds another 270km/h up its sleeve should the occasion come calling.

This is not the first time Lamborghini has gifted its sports cars to prominent Italian figures. In the last three years, the Vatican and the police force in Italy have received limited edition, custom colour spec, Huracans.

Pope Francis’ white and gold striped run around was sold at auction for nearly A$1 million.

Pope Francis with Lamborghini

The Huracan replaces the Italian police force’s 2009 Gallardo which was used often for emergency transfers of organs and blood supplies at accident sites. If I needed blood or an organ rushed over, I’d sure hope it was in a Lamborghini.

Lamborghini police car in Italy

Bologna Airport may require seminars in employee management thanks to some newly motivated staff. We guess every red-blooded Italian working at the airport will be clambering over each other for the opportunity to drive one of their countries most distinctive icons.

Our eyes are on Brabham to spruce up our runway run-arounds.

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