It debuted at the 2010 Paris motor show with a radical turbine powertrain, and now Jaguar has confirmed that it will put the C-X75 supercar into limited production … minus the gas-powered turbines.

The Brit supercar will look near-identical to the dead-sexy C-X75 Concept, but will mix an internal combustion engine with two in-axle electric motors to become both one of the fastest cars in the world and one of the most economical.

Jaguar claims 0-100km/h in less than three seconds and 0-161km/h (200mph) in less than six, with a top speed in excess of 320km/h. Part of the secret to the C-X75’s electrifying performance is its lightweight, carbon-fibre chassis which will be built in the UK in conjunction with the Williams F1 team, who will also provide expertise in areas such as aerodynamics, carbon composite manufacture and hybrid technologies.

Despite the power and speed, the C-X75 is claimed to produce just 99g/km of Co2 emissions, and can run on electric power alone for more than 50km.

Jaguar says it will continue to develop the micro-turbine technology that was shown in the C-X75 Concept – Jaguar’s parent company, Tata, of India, has purchased a share of Bladon Jets – but in order to bring the project to showroom reality in a short timeframe, a more conventional petrol-electric hybrid system was required.

Only 250 C-X75s will be built, with no word yet on a production date. However Jaguar has advised that, in the UK, prices will start at a whopping ₤700,000 (A$1.066m).