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Jaguar promises more supercharged V8s

By Damion Smy, 13 Aug 2015 News

Jaguar promises more supercharged V8s

Jaguar says it is committed to offering big V8 engines in models under development, believing some customers will buck the trend to downsize and will demand V8 grunt

THE supercharged Jaguar V8 has a future under the bonnets of new models from the British maker.

Speaking at the launch of the 2016 Jaguar XF medium sedan in Spain, powertrain specialist John Pepperell said that the downsizing of Jaguar’s engines did not spell the end for its most potent and playful powerplant.

“It’s still a relevant engine to us,” Pepperell told Wheels.

“The general migration is for customers to downsize, but we think the V8 still has relevance for us. So we have no immediate plans to replace that engine.”

Jaguar -F-Type -V8--front -side -embedThat means a rear-wheel drive V8 sedan will continue to be offered as Jaguar builds on its global expansion plans, on the back of the new XE and XF sedans and the forthcoming F-Pace SUV.

All three share variations of the same architecture.

Pepperall confirmed that the XF platform, codenamed D7A, was engineered for the V8.

“The platform protects for it,” he said, “[so] it’s an option.”

That means we could well see a V8 in one, two or all three new models – the XE, XF and F-Pace.

The supercharged V8 is currently offered across the Jaguar and Range Rover ranges. In the F-Type R Coupe it produces 404kW and 680Nm, giving the R a 300km/h top speed.

Jaguar -F-Type -V8--track -embedCould we see a V8-powered F-Pace? Jaguar won’t confirm such a vehicle, but it’s clearly possible and under evaluation, even as the brand downsizes to six-cylinder engines.

“Even if tomorrow’s six-cylinder engine replaces today’s eight-cylinder from a performance point of view, there’ll always be the customer who says ‘Okay, but the new eight-cylinder should be even better,’” Pepperall said.

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