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Kevin Eriksson’s wild Rallycross drift overtake

By Cameron Kirby, 19 Oct 2016 News

Rounding up four cars in a single corner = epic

Kevin Eriksson’s wild Rallycross drift overtake

Rounding up four cars in a single corner = epic.

In the world of motorsport, nothing puts your competitor in their place like passing them around the outside of the corner.

With this in mind, Kevin Eriksson just shamed four of his competitors so badly, someone might need to go and check if they are doing okay.

The Swedish driver pulled off the most impressive overtake in motorsport this year, and one of the best of the decade.

At the World Rallycross Championship finale in German, Eriksson rounded up four of his opponents in one wild, awe-inspiring drift, passing them all on the outside of the corner with the most satisfying display of oversteer you will ever come across.

Eriksson was sitting on the outside line heading into the first corner, with four cars ahead of him, but he simply pitched his Ford Fiesta Rallycross Supercar into the turn at full opposite lock, pinned the throttle, and powered his way around the outside.

It is a move which could only have been pulled off in Rallycross, and beautifully illustrates what makes the sport so amazing to watch.

The onboard footage gives a great view of what the move was like inside the cabin. You can see as Eriksson commits to the move, looking through the side window to see where he is going.

It’s wild to think this isn’t something out of a video game or movie blockbuster, but pulled off in the real-world, against a field of serious competitors.

Oh, and to make this story even sweeter, Eriksson went on to win the race, his first in the World Rallycross Championship, holding off the likes of two-time champion Petter Solberg. Awesome!