Kids toy becomes deranged miniature 911 GT3

A motorbike engine and an electric toy car combine for the ultimate Father’s Day present

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You’re never too old to be afforded the opportunity to act like a big kid. Once again, the internet proves this to be true. With Father’s Day is just around the corner, we’ve found the perfect present. Dads, you can thank us later for this one.

Starting life as a Power Wheels Porsche GT3 toy for kids, the toddler-friendly electric motor has been ripped out and replaced with a 450cc KTM dirt bike engine. It reeks of one of those crazy ideas after a few bevvies, but this time, someone actually went through with it. The whole creation looks like a lot of fun – if not potentially slightly dangerous. And by slightly, we mean quite a bit.

Visually it’s an insane bit of kit. Despite the engine being at the wrong end of the miniature GT3, the exhaust runs through the body, remaining faithful to the actual car with a central exit point at the back. Power is sent to the rear wheels, it has electric start, fuel pump and fan, while it’s also fitted with a six-speed ’box.

However, health and safety officers would have an absolute field day with the backyard creation. For starters, a pair of chain sets run between your legs, the fuel cell is perilously positioned and the coolant lines run right beside you and, according to the creator, get “a little hot”.

The throttle (thumb) and brakes are operated via the steering wheel, but there are foot-operated pedals for the clutch and rear brake. The seat sits on a slider, so parents of all shapes and sizes can have their turn behind the wheel.

The chassis was built from scratch and, somewhat unsurprisingly, has no suspension other than the rubber stretched over the 10-inch ATV-style rims. Apparently the mini-me GT3 generates so much grip that the stresses on the chassis keep self-adjusting the camber. If you’re expecting comfort, you’re in for back-breaking disappointment.

The design remains as faithful to the Stuttgart product as possible, but aside from the offset wheels and low-profile tyres, it comes flush with a huge, cut-down ‘tuner’ rear wing. If we aren’t already excited enough, apparently this build is only phase one with a lot more to come like LED-esque headlights and more mechanical upgrades.

Check out the channel on your next late-night YouTube binge to see similar creations racing each other around dirt tracks, mastering car-park courses and playing in the sand. You’ll be consumed for hours, although, maybe there should be a ‘don’t try this at home’ disclaimer…


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