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Koenigsegg owners club holds world’s most epic road-trip

By Cameron Kirby, 02 Aug 2016 News

Koenigsegg owners club holds world’s most epic road-trip

A tenth of the cars ever produced by Koenigsegg come together for a blat through the Scandinavian countryside.

This has to be one of the most expensive road-trips in history!

A group of Koenigsegg owners got together last month for an inaugural gathering and cruise.

Koenigsegg -supercars -owners -tour -parkedWhat resulted was 13 of the Swedish hypercars driving in convoy from Copenhagen in Denmark, to the Koenigsegg factory, and back again.

Orange -Koenigsegg -supercar -rear -drivingThe cavalcade accounted for roughly one tenth of the cars ever made by Koenigsegg in its 14-year history, which produces just a single car each month.

Orange -Koenigsegg -supercar -driving -streetSpotting a solitary Koenigsegg in the wild is an admirable feat, so to see this procession rolling down the road is akin to spotting a tap-dancing rhino.

Koenigsegg -supercars -parked -outside -cafeBut this gathering of owners wasn’t just about taking a leisurely country drive, there was some track action involved as well.

Koenigsegg -supercars -at -owners -tourThe 13 owners were joined by Koenigsegg founder and owner himself, Christian von Koenigsegg in an ultra-rare Regera, on the manufacturer’s test-track.

Koenigsegg -supercars -on -display -copenhagenAn One:1 also joined in, but thankfully this one didn’t spear through a fence and catch fire – unlike its sister car which crashed spectacularly at the Nurburgring a fortnight ago. 

White -Koenigsegg -supercar -rearTrack time was relatively subdued thanks to wet weather. Well, as tame as possible with a bevvy of ridiculously powerful supercars and an empty runway.

Koenigsegg -supercars -top -sideMr Koenigsegg was thrilled to see the cars come together for the meeting, and hopes that there will be future gatherings of owners around the world.

Koenigsegg -supercars -parked“This has never happened before in our history, and it is very emotional for me and the cars’ owners,” he said.

Orange -Koenigsegg -rear -treesHowever, don’t expect a meeting of owners locally, with only one publically registered Koenigsegg in Australia. The same owner is rumoured to have another stored away in his garage.

Koenigsegg -supercars -on -tarmacWhile this Koenigsegg road-trip was certainly spectacular, the question on every Australian’s lips must certainly be “But, can you tow a trailer of goats with one?” 

Your move, Christian.