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Lamborghini Gallardo bursts into flames on street

By Chris Thompson, 07 Aug 2017 News

One Lambo owner is going to be very unhappy with the new state of his Raging Bull

Lamborghini Gallardo bursts into flames main

It’s far too frequent that we see a supercar go up in flames due to small faults or poor maintenance, but this time we don’t yet know what caused the blaze.

On a busy Seattle street by the Washington State Convention Centre, a white Lamborghini Gallardo (reportedly an LP 570-4 SuperLeggera) pulls up in some traffic, above it a camera watching from a building window.

After leaving the freeway exit tunnel, the Lambo is probably due for a break, right? Nope.

Lamborghini Gallardo on busy streetWithin seconds of it being visible, a small red glow emanates from the engine bay. Soon, the driver’s door swings open and out leaps the helmsman with what appears to be a bottle of water. Oh, you poor thing.

Not realising that the water isn’t going to quench the fire in the Bull’s heart, he goes back in for a second attempt, as the passenger cleverly steps out of the car. It’d be getting toasty in there by now.

As soon as the passenger door is closed, the flames really take hold. It’s at this point you can see that the car is beyond help.

MOTOR explains: Why supercars catch fire

Lamborghini Gallardo bursts into flamesAbout thirty seconds later, and flames are licking the air above the car, with a pillar of smoke reaching for the building-tops.

The next five minutes are a depressing mix of smoke, sirens, and a sad Lambo, which culminate in a smoking wreck of Italian metal sitting in the middle of a no longer busy Seattle street.

One has to wonder how much of the roughly-$200,000 value is left after the car has been gutted by flames. Not much, we’d imagine.