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Lazante reveals McLaren P1 GT Longtail

By MOTOR Staff, 17 Jul 2018 News

Special one-off tribute P1 gets the longtail treatment

Lazante reveals McLaren P1 GT Longtail news

McLaren’s new 600 Longtail is cool, but race specialists Lazante revealed something over the weekend to blow it out of the water.

It chose the Goodwood Festival of Speed to debut its one-off McLaren P1 GT, itself a tribute to the F1 GT which is perhaps the rarest McLaren ever built for the road.

Starting with the P1 GTR, McLaren’s track-only P1, and the backing of a very wealthy customer, Lazante has extended the GTR’s body from the rear axles back and furnished its interior with a few frills.

That means it retains the twin-turbo V8 hybrid powertrain tucked underneath the GTR, complete with 735kW, while the aerodynamics have been redesigned around the new fixed rear wing. The active unit was reportedly ditched to save weight.

The interior doesn’t resemble Fernando Alonso’s office now that the cabin’s adorned with carpet, leather sports bucket seats, and leather upholstery. There’s also a unique U-shaped steering wheel, similar to the LM’s item, its customer has requested.

The UK-based firm holds a special relationship with McLaren since it won the 1995 Le Mans 24 Hour with an F1 GTR. It reaffirmed the link more recently when it built a road going version of the P1 GTR called the LM. Like the original, it was faster than the track-only car it was based on.

While Lazante aren’t trying to qualify a racing P1 for any specific race regulations, like the original F1 longtail GT did for McLaren, this P1 GT maintains a spiritual tribute in its details. That special green hue, four exhaust tips, extended roof snorkel, huge front splitter, and louvered vents in the front guards are all nods to the original F1 GT.

This P1 GT will be a one-off unless anyone else steps forward with the desire, and cash, to have Lazante repeat the build. They’ll need a fair bit, too, around AUD$900K, for the conversion. Or more if your GTR isn’t already converted for road use. Oh, and then you’ll need a P1 GTR, which Lazante will reportedly source and convert for AUD$3.56m.

MOTOR history: A brief history of McLaren's Longtail

Lazante says it’ll cap production at 13, more than four times the three McLaren F1 GTs built.

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