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Litchfield LM20 Nissan GT-R revealed

By Louis Cordony, 13 Jan 2017 News

Litchfield LM20 Nissan GT-R revealed

Litchfield’s factory-quality GT-R special edition debuts

British outfit Litchfield isn’t convinced Nissan’s Track Edition and Nismo GT-R are enough for some owners.

That’s why it’s just lobbed the LM20 special edition, a turnkey warranty-backed GT-R packing a new realm of power and grip.

Litchfield LM20 Nissan GT-R rearStarting with a fresh 2017 Black Edition GT-R, Litchfield goes to work on its 3.8-litre twin turbo V6 to find another 77kW and 181Nm.

Slipped under the bonnet is on a new exhaust system, from turbo to tips, then matched to an uprated fuel system, air intakes, and intercooler. A retuned ECU plays mastermind.

It all amounts to a staggering 496kW and 833Nm, that huge torque peak squeezed through its all-wheel drive system as low as 2100rpm.

Litchfield LM20 Nissan GT-R dynoAs a result the LM20 obliterates the UK-standard 0-60mph sprint in a claimed 2.5 seconds. After that 100mph arrives in 5.7 seconds, and 203mph (326km/h) at maximum velocity.

For comparison, Porsche’s fastest 911, a Turbo S, needs 6.5sec to reach 99mph.

With such firepower at the driver’s disposal, Litchfield’s tuned its electronic stability and traction control systems to custom standards.

Litchfield LM20 Nissan GT-R wheelOwners can also adjust power levels on the fly with an iPhone or the steering wheel.

Alcon brakes clamp 400mm two-piece rotors, and are hidden by Rays lightweight track wheels all round. Michelin’s Pilot Sport 4 tyres wrap the rims.

Litchfield LM20 Nissan GT-R sideThe car’s ride height has been lowered with custom tuned Bilstein Damptronic coilovers and Eibach springs.

Its front lip’s been redesigned in carbon fibre, along with the grille blade and rear heat vents. The rear spoiler’s also been fitted with an extended carbon fibre lip.

Litchfield LM20 Nissan GT-R exhaustDespite the extensive modification to the car, Litchfield’s offering a comprehensive after sales package for owners. Three years warranty, free servicing, and breakdown cover are included. Track days do not affect cover.

Only 20 units of this special edition will be made, but Litchfield reportedly says it will build more with a different name if the demand is there.

Litchfield LM20 Nissan GT-R spoilerBuyers will need to shell out £96,996 ($157,629) for the LM20 in the UK, £16,000 more than a base GT-R. Still, a large saving over its $189,000 price tag in Australia.