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Mercedes to expand Maybach with SUV

By Damion Smy, 15 Jan 2015 News

Mercedes to expand Maybach with SUV

German uber-brand plans high-rider for the high falutin' as Bentley SUV rival

MAYBACH is evaluating an SUV to take on the forthcoming Bentley Bentayga and mooted Rolls-Royce SUVs.

This would be the second born-again Maybach offered following the launch of the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class announced at the 2014 Los Angeles motor show as a new sub-brand for the Stuttgart-based brand.

Mercedes-Maybach will likely use the next GL as the basis for the first SUV in its top-down approach, says the product manager for the new flagship S-Class sedan, Martin Hulder.

"We are focussing on the S-Class, and then after that it is logical to think about the GL, what we will call the GLS," Hulder said.

"I'm not going to say that we will do it, but it's the most logical step."

Maybach's focus on China, where it expects 60 percent of its new sedan production to be sold, is also a fertile SUV and luxury market. Combining the two would make perfect sense, and follow Bentley into the SUV battle. 

"When you look at Russia, Middle East to China, these countries are very much looking for SUVs, and an SUV also has some advantages against a sedan – the seating position for example. So therefore it's an option.

"If you look to the GL, which has a certain substance, and you then offer a Maybach package on that, then you also come in a six-digit price range.” 

Hulder also indicated that the expansion of the Maybach sub-brand may include sedans below the S-Class.

"Even that is possible. This is what we are discussing ... E-Class?

“The SUV segment is a little bit more likely."