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More details of last Aussie Holden emerge

By Chris Thompson, 17 Oct 2017 News

Last Holden Commodore Manufactured

Last Commodore built in Australia said to be an SS-V Redline

After the image of what appears to be the last Australian Holden Commodore emerged last week, new pictures are now filling in more of the story.

Holden have still not confirmed details of the last Commodore to be built on Aussie shores, but if anecdotal and photographic evidence is to be believed, the last Aussie Commodore will be a red SS-V Redline sedan.

Last week, a Holden spokesperson told MOTOR: ““Officially we’re still manufacturing until the 20th of this month. At this point we can’t confirm anything or give any details about the photo.”

Holden-Commmodore-SS-V-Redline.jpgAnother photo, also posted on the ‘Farewell to Holden Manufacturing in Australia’ Facebook page, shows the empty production line behind the Redline’s skeleton.

If the timing of the photographs is consistent with their release, the last Australian Commodore currently has a bonnet and boot, as well as some side panelling, but no doors, bumpers, wheels, or internals.

Final-Holden-Commodore-production-line.jpgAs with the first image, comments on the Facebook post suggest that Holden workers and former employees believe the images are genuine.

“So strange to see,” one user begins.

“The car lines in Holden were so alive. People moving about working on the cars, the sound of the line and its bells, warning tones and movement, the fork trucks and part deliverers.

Last-Holden-Commodore-suspected.jpg“Unless you have worked there and seen it operating you wouldn't realise how alive it was.

“RIP the Holden line and my former workplace.”

Over the next week, and up until October 20, Holden will wind down manufacturing until it ends its 69-year-old car manufacturing operations in Australia.

After that, HSV will technically be the sole vehicle manufacturer in the country