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New McLaren ‘570LT’ to be unveiled June 28

By Chris Thompson, 14 Jun 2018 News

McLaren 570LT

Top-exit exhausts confirmed for McLaren’s next model

In a frustrating effort to ‘keep the world guessing’, McLaren has revealed only a sliver more information about its upcoming model, believed to be the ‘570LT’.

Despite the badge suggesting a 419kW output, rumours have the twin-turbo V8 of the next model putting out around 447kW.

McLaren 570LT rear

An image of the car’s rear was posted last week, with exhaust exits missing, which prompted some punters to worry McLaren was working on an electric supercar.

A video posted that same day then revealed that the ‘570LT’ would indeed have a petrol engine, with sounds of revving emanating from an unseen car.

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Today, McLaren has confirmed it does indeed have exhausts, in the form of top-exits. Another video also followed, though not much more information can be drawn from it.

Though it’s set to be revealed on June 28, its public debut is to be at Goodwood next month.

 “The car, which will be driven up the famous Goodwood Hill Climb for the first time on Thursday July 12, will be the fifth model to be announced under McLaren’s Track22 business plan.

“It will benefit from increased power, minimised weight, optimised aerodynamics and enhanced driver engagement. It will also deliver track-focused dynamics.

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 “And like the McLaren Senna, the most recent model revealed by the Woking-based company, it will be limited to the few.”

How many those ‘few’ amount to is not yet known, McLaren’s website has a page set up for potential buyers to register interest, suggesting there should be enough to go around.