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New Porsche 911 GT3 RS spied

By Scott Newman, 08 Jan 2015 News

New Porsche 911 GT3 RS spied

So hardcore it should have a NSFW sticker on it

Oh boy, does this look good.

You’d think that if you were in charge of completing final sign off on one of the most anticipated cars of 2015, you wouldn’t leave it lying around unattended where any amateur snapper could show the world.

Thankfully for us, that’s exactly what’s happened, and our gratitude must go to Instagram user johan9ff for sharing these pics of the new 991-series GT3 RS completely undisguised.

The first question it raises is: why bother? As our recent track test confirmed if you want to buy a 911 for the purposes of going around a circuit as quickly as possible, then the new GT3 is almost flawless.

Still, it does seem that Porsche are showing if not all, then at least most of its cards with the new GT3 RS. It has some of the most radical aerodynamic addenda ever seen on a production car, with the front guards akin to cheese graters and a rear wing that could double as a runway for RC aircraft.

Little is currently known about the car’s mechanical specification, but we can speculate with reasonable accuracy. Unsurprisingly, the test mule is fitted with the GT3-specific seven-speed PDK ’box, with the paddles mounted behind the ultra-cool steering wheel lifted from the 918.

Turbocharging has been mooted, but seems unlikely; expect instead a small power increase to around 370kW from the direct-injected, naturally-aspirated flat-six.

Elsewhere, there are now two bubbles in the roof to better accommodate those with helmets, while a half-cage appears standard.

A release date is yet to be announced, but will have to be soon. Fixing the standard GT3’s engine troubles has left Porsche with less than a year until the release of the facelifted 991.2 range later this year, so we’d put our money on a Geneva Motor Show debut.