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Nissan GT-R nails world’s fastest drift

By Louis Cordony, 11 Apr 2016 News

Godzilla grabs world record with 305km/h drift

Nissan GT-R nails world’s fastest drift

Even on racetracks 300km/h-plus is a massive speed for a car to travel.

However, that’s the velocity Masato Kawabata has thrown a R35 GT-R sideways to nail the world’s ‘fastest ever’ drift.

Taking to Fujairah International Airport’s 3km airstrip in United Arab Emirates, Kawabata put himself and Nissan in the Guinness World Record books with a 304.96km/h drift at 30 degrees – plenty more than Jakub Przygoński’s previous record of 217.983km/h.

Nissan GT-R drifting fast frontWith guidelines restricting him to only three attempts, he eclipsed the old title each time with a 273km/h, 304.96km/h, and 296.79km/h slide at 55.21, 33.56 and 34.42 degrees respectively.

His chariot was a R35 GT-R specially prepared by Greddy Trust Japan, equipped with a more-than-healthy 1030kW and adapted to rear-wheel drive.

Nissan GT-R drifting fastKawabata’s certainly no stranger to drifting such a car under pressure. He’s the current Japanese D1 Champion and the pilot behind some white-knuckled R35 videos we’ve gawked over.

Nissan’s released a video celebrating the attempt, but it’s more an advertisement than it is riveting footage. Have a watch above and let us know what you think.