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No soup for you: Suzuki's Celerio redefines bland

By John Carey, 05 Mar 2014 News

Suzuki Celerio

The game has moved on. Unfortunately, Suzuki’s conservative, boring future city car hasn’t

Except for a name that amusingly resembles one of the uglier vegetables, the Suzuki Celerio offers nothing to excite.

This front-engine and front-drive micro-car, an obvious successor to the Alto, is a painfully conservative and seriously un-fun throwback from an age when visual boredom wrapped around acres of cheap grey plastic defined the category.

Things have moved on, as other cars designed to accomplish exactly the same mission – inexpensive mobility – so eloquently demonstrate. Look to the Renault Twingo, for example.

The Celerio is powered by a 50kW 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine, driving through a five-speed gearbox with manual or robotised shifting.

Suzuki claims class-leading packaging for the car, which does have a decently large 254 litre cargo compartment.

It goes on sale in Europe later this year, possibly to coincide with celeriac season.