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Northern Territory expands open speed limit zone

By Tim Robson, 07 Jul 2016 News

Northern Territory expands open speed limit zone

An extra 60km of derestricted speed zone in the Top End

A victory for common sense this week, as the Northern Territory Government lifted the speed restrictions from yet another section of its highway network.

Another 60km long section of the Stuart Highway between Alice Springs and the township of Ali Curung has had its 130km/h speed limit removed, after the completion of more than $3million worth of road works designed to allow drivers to travel at speed.

The additional section, opened today, brings the total amount of derestricted roads to 300km.

Northern Territory Derestricted Speed ZoneOpen limits were abolished in 2006, but a 200km section north of Alice Springs was derestricted in 2014, after it was found that more people died during that time (307) when compared to the previous six years (292).

Since the derestricted trial began in February 2014, no fatalities have been recorded over 11 crashes, according to government research. Studies found that the median speed travelled was approximately 140km/h.

NT chief minister Adam Giles has told media that the government would like to see the derestricted road extend to Katherine, 1100km north of Alice Springs, subject to widening works on the highway.

The announcement comes just days after Bentley was forced to pull down a YouTube ad that featured its Bentley Continental GT Speed doing 300km/h under controlled circumstances on a derestricted section of the highway.

A single complaint saw the ad pulled, much to Bentley’s dismay and driver John Bowe’s disgust.