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Novitec reveals tuned Ferrari 488 Pista

By Chris Thompson, 14 Aug 2019 News

Novitec Ferrari 488 Pista revealed news

German tuner gives Pista more power, tougher looks

If you’re a little sick of seeing prestige supercars turned into Liberty Walk-style ‘look at me’ machines, it seems Novitec might have heard you.

Though sometimes guilty of ‘overdoing’ the widebody treatment with its N-Largo kits, Novitec has created a pack for the Ferrari 488 Pista which increases power slightly, and improves (it claims) aerodynamics and driving feel.

Plus, it actually looks quite visually restrained.

Novitec specifically avoided changing the styling of the 488 too much from its original aesthetic, with parts developed to blend in with the Pista’s design.

“Shape and design of the individual aerodynamic components are based on extensive wind tunnel testing to achieve the optimal aerodynamic form and function.

“In the development of these components, there is also a lot of emphasis placed on the aesthetics of the individual parts so that the visual design accents do not drastically change the fundamentals of the vehicle.”

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An increase in power through engine management alteration and an “optimised” stainless steel exhaust means the Novitec-tuned 488 Pista puts out 585kW from its 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8, with a peak torque of 890Nm.

It makes the original 530kW and 770Nm look a little sheepish, but keep in mind the Pista is claimed to hit 100km/h from a standstill in just 2.85 seconds as stock. Novitec also adds that its kit is optimised for daily use, so how it uses that power and torque might not be as focused on performance figures.

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Plus, that exhaust is already aggressive enough just with the sound it makes.

Novitec also offers personalised suspension settings to suit customers’ wishes, meaning you could, in theory, have a slightly softer Pista for more comfortable driving. Or you could go full hardcore track-day. After all, ‘pista’ is Spanish for ‘track’.