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Novitec adds more punch and flair to the McLaren 720S Spider

By Daniel Wong, 10 Jan 2020 News

Novitec McLaren 720S Spider N-Largo revealed news

German tuner lays down the N-Largo widebody treatment on McLaren’s flagship drop top

One primary criticism of the McLaren 720S Spider seems to be that its styling is rather divisive, though Novitec’s N-Largo widebody treatment of Woking’s flagship drop-top isn’t going to mend that divide in opinion.

The carbon-fibre conversion has widened the 720S Spider by a whole 6cm up front, and a massive 13cm around its back.

Complementing its widened visage, Novitec commissioned wheel maker Vossen to produce special 20-inch and 21-inch wheels for the front and rear axles respectively. The 720S N-Largo Spider’s wider chops also meant that it comes with a larger rear wing attachment for the retractable rear spoiler.

Far from just the visuals, Novitec has also fitted the 720S N-Largo Spider with the stage two performance kit that it developed for the 720S range, which comprises of a plug-and-play auxiliary ECU and a full exhaust system.

Though it doesn’t sound like much, the ECU tweak and free-breathing exhaust system raises the 720S N-Largo Spider’s power output to 592kW and 878Nm of torque, up from the 720S Spider’s standard 529kW and 770Nm.

DRIVEN! 720S Spider

As a result, 0-100km/h times for the 720S N-Largo Spider have tumbled from 2.9sec to 2.7sec, as well as its 0-200km/h time being slashed from 7.9sec to 7.5sec, with the top speed rising from 341km/h to 346km/h.

According to Novitec, the 720S N-Largo Spider comes fitted with sport springs that drop the ride height by 35mm.

Unlike Novitec’s aftermarket parts, the N-Largo series of widebody-treated models are built in limited numbers, with German tuner planning a production run of just 15 examples of the McLaren 720S N-Largo Spider.

No word on the pricing, though expect it to be a significant premium over the standard 720S Spider’s $556,000 asking price.

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