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McLaren Senna scores a stealthy 663kW thanks to Novitec

By Chris Thompson, 15 Apr 2020 News

Novitec McLaren Senna revealed news

Didn’t think the Senna was already hardcore enough? Neither did Novitec

By now you’ve probably seen plenty of work by German tuner Novitec, but the McLaren Senna has until now evaded the hands of its engineers, who seem to be keen to turn every car into a wide-bodied road-going psycho machine.

Novitec’s McLaren Senna is a little different.

The already wicked hypercar, named for a legendary F1 driver, had 588kW and looked completely mad before Novitec got hold of it, but now with 663kW and 888Nm, the Senna is demonic.

But unlike most cars Novitec tickles, the styling changes might not be immediately obvious if you’ve not seen a Senna in a while – it’s already a rather busy car and that suits the style Novitec normally adopts.

Okay, we were being a little cheeky – it’s just the wheels.

Novitec has pretty much stuck to the mechanicals, supplying a new exhaust system and a ‘stage 3’ (as opposed to its lower level options) tuning system to allow the Senna to hit 100km/h in just 2.7 seconds and before going on to 200km/h in 6.5 seconds. Top speed is 335km/h.

“Novitec, renowned refinement specialist for the world's most exclusive sports cars, now presents a tuning range for the McLaren Senna lightweight-design sports car that is designed for extreme sportiness,” the tuner says.

“In its maximum tuning specification, the two-seater thus made even more dynamic has a power-to-weight ratio of 554kW per metric ton of dry weight.”

If it takes your fancy, you can ask Novitec to customise the interior of your Senna so you’ve got a little bit of personality in your cabin as you sling past 200km/h faster than most cars can hit 100km/h. On a racetrack, of course.

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