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World's greatest car collection up for sale

By Louis Cordony, 06 Jul 2015 News

World's greatest car collection up for sale

Jaw-dropping US collection tipped to break auction records

This is one garage you won’t be able to replicate on Forza Motorsport.

When RM Sotheby’s bring the ‘Pinnacle Portfolio’ to its Monterey sale on August 13 in California, punters will have the opportunity to take home legends that include the first ever built Bugatti Veyron or the last ever built Ferrari Enzo, known as the Pope’s Enzo. 

Said to become the most valuable car collection ‘ever presented at auction’, this 30-strong fleet is poised to pass the previous record sale for a private fleet of cars which stands at US$53.9m, or $71.9m when converted to Aussie peso.

Sotheby’s is yet to reveal all 30 cars, however the 23 already known proves the anonymous American businessman who gathered the fleet has meticulous taste.

Leading up to the event we’ve picked out a few going lots that might explain any bank heists between now and August…


THE POPE’S ENZOKnown as the world’s most powerful luxury brand, you could say Ferrari is blessed compared to its Fiat Chrysler stable mates. Maybe that’s the reason why Luca Di Montzemelo gifted Pope John Paul II an Enzo in 2005, extending its build of 399 by one extra for the holy man. Since 2005 the car’s managed to rack up only 180km on its odometer.


MCLAREN F1 LMThe McLaren F1 LM was built at the end of the model’s run, just two being converted to ‘LM’ Spec. It was built to celebrate the firm’s Le Mans victory in 1995, McLaren Special Operations upgrading the standard F1 with a new downforce package and 515kW engine.


LAMBORGHINI REVENTÓNWith only 20 in existence, the Reventón is famous more for its exclusive cutting-edge exterior rather than its Murcielago mechanicals underneath.


SALEEN S7 TWIN TURBOA pin-up of American muscle, the portfolio's S7 twin-turbo is one of two fitted with a competition package meaning it churned out 746kW from factory instead of the standard 560kW.


MASERATI MC12Practically a GT1 endurance racer in street clothing with the Ferrari Enzo’s 485kW V12, the Pinnacle’s Maserati MC12 is one of 50 and wears only 768km.


LAMBORGHINI MIURA P400 SVIt’s only fitting that such a supercar collection includes the forefather of the modern supercar. The Miura introduced the mid-engine two seater formula to the road, and as a P400 SV represents its ultimate form with a 287kW transverse V12.


JAGUAR XJ220Representing Britain in this roster is Jaguar’s swoopy XJ220. It housed a Tom Walkinshaw Racing-built twin-turbo V6 mid-ship, its 403kW pushing it on to 340km/h-plus top speed. The Pinnacle’s example being one of 10 fitted with a brake booster.


TOYOTA 2000GTAmong the sea of European royalty here is Japan’s early stab at supercar fame: the Toyota 2000GT. The collector managed to nab the first example delivered to America, meaning it is the first left-hand drive example built.

There are also a slew of Ferrari classics like the 288 GTO, F50, F40 LM, 250 LM, 250 GT LWB that display the collection’s penchant for the Prancing Horse, further complemented by other classics like a Porsche 959 and 356 Speedster, Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing and McLaren SLR, and finally a Koenigsegg CCXR.

Check out the click through gallery up top for more photos.

Pictures: Patrick Enzen for RM Sotheby's