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Porsche 911 home-built by Aussie man: Timelapse

By Chris Thompson, 15 Aug 2018 News

Watch a man build his own Porker in ‘four minutes’

Porsche 911 home-built Aussie Timelapse news

This man, named Jeff, has built a Porsche 911.

He has even documented the whole thing on his relatively popular YouTube channel called Home Built By Jeff.

The process has been uploaded in the form of dozens of videos, with each individual ‘episode’ covering a specific part of the build, such as the engine build or working on the body panels.

But for our convenience, he’s cut the highlights into a four minute video which is sped-up to give us the gist of what he’s been up to.

And it’s pretty damn impressive.

His car is running on a ‘2.8 RSR’ engine which he worked on, and it matches up to the RSR style of his early-‘70s car. But not much of the car is as-original by the end of it. In fact, the exterior of the car is something to behold.

The interior, however, will probably leave a lot of you (as we discovered here in the MOTOR offices) rather confused as to why Jeff did certain things… such as trimming the car with purple tartan cloth. But we get it, it’s his own car, and he can do what he wants.

Still, the sentiment seems to be echoed on pretty mush every form of online comment available – YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Not that we think we could build it better.

Anyway, back to the timelapse video, you can watch Jeff strip the whole car down and shear off anything he doesn’t want, such as the wheel arches, before replacing them with his own modified parts.

It’s all pretty true to the feel of a classic Porsche, and it’s worth diving into his video series if you have any interest in building a project car. On ya, Jeff.