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Premcar’s Falcon GT Holy Grail website launches

By Chris Thompson, 16 Jan 2019 News

Premcars Falcon GT Holy Grail website launches news

The first step in creating 100 of Australia’s greatest muscle cars has been taken

Premcar has launched its ‘Holy Grail’ website today to begin the process of turning 100 of the last Ford Falcon GTs into their vision of the ultimate Ford muscle car, the GT Holy Grail.

Separate from Premcar’s main site, the Holy Grail website features pages for specifications, descriptions of what Premcar does, and videos of the GT Holy Grail in action.

Of course, there’s also a way to register interest and begin the process of turning your Falcon into a GT Holy Grail.

If you need a refresher on what Premcar is, who better to explain than the team itself:

“Premcar morphed from Prodrive Engineering after a Management buyout in 2012.

“The directors and key staff remained from the halcyon days of FPV design, engineering and the build/production of Ford Performance Vehicles.

“This is the team who were the core key people who developed the legendary FPV Miami V8 engine program. “

As for the GT Holy Grail itself, we’ve written a detailed article with information direct from Premcar engineering director Bernie Quinn.

He told us how the outfit has managed to extract 483kW and 753Nm from Ford’s 5.0-litre supercharged V8.

“It’s about having cool enough combustion,” explains Quinn, “which allows you to have more boost and more advanced spark timing to get more power and torque.

“We haven’t just pushed the boost up, we’ve done a lot of work on optimising cam timing to get the most power and torque out of it, whilst maintaining the original engine’s durability and driveability.”

Each of the 100 GT Holy Grail upgrades carried our will cost $24,885, with several instalments at various points of the process. An upfront payment attracts a discount.

A car completed by Premcar will make its public debut at All Ford Day in Geelong on February 17.

Stay tuned for more.