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Roush powers up the Mustang 2.3L with a simple mod

By Chris Thompson, 25 Feb 2020 News

Roush Mustang 2.3L Performance Pac revealed news

Mustang Motorsport to offer Roush upgrade here in Australia

If you were glad to discover the EcoBoost became the more powerful Ford Mustang 2.3L ‘High Performance’ then you’ll be glad to know Roush has already come up with an easy way to extract more power from the four-pot Pony.

The stock 2.3L pulls 236kW and 448Nm from its engine, shared with the Focus RS, but with a Roush Performance Pac the Mustang gains 25kW and 50Nm, for a total 261kW/498Nm. Focus, eat your heart out.

Roush achieves the power up though a conceptually simple method – an intake upgrade. Okay so it’s a little more complex than that, there’s a tune involved so chances are it’s not something you can do as a home job.

Enter Melbourne-based workshop Mustang Motorsport, which can install and tune the Roush Performance Pac.

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Roush also offers a second level of the kit, which includes a dual-exit axle-back exhaust. Mustang Motorsport doesn’t offer this, as Aussie cars already get a dual-exit exhaust, so the intake upgrade and tune is the only change that will make a difference.

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In the US, the Performance Pac level 1 costs USD$935, which converts to AUD$1415. Mustang Motorsport doesn’t have a publicly listed price, but parts and installation could vary for different variations of four-cylinder Mustangs.

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