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Roush RS3 Mustang coming to Australia

By Chris Thompson, 06 Feb 2018 News

Roush RS3 Mustang coming to Australia

Mustang Motorsport will build limited run of wild super-ponies

Renowned performance and motorsport parts builder and tuner Roush has given Australian outlet Mustang Motorsport the green light to build a limited run of official Roush RS3 Mustangs.

Based on the 2017 model, the RS3s will be gifted 500kW thanks to a Roush R2300 TVS supercharger, as well as Roush driveshafts, suspension tuning and parts, and Roush badging and accessories inside and out.

The RS3s will also be covered by the Mustang Motorsport three-year/60,000km driveline warranty.

Additionally, Mustang Motorsport can up the game to include the phase 2 supercharger system, which brings power up to the same 543kW as the MM R-727 which took out the Mustang Hot Tuner title.

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Also optional on the Roush RS3 Mustang is a quad-tip exhaust system, either passive or active, as well as a Roush suspension upgrade, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s as opposed to the Pilot Sport 4s, and additional styling such as the ‘hockey stick’ graphics or a quarter window scoop kit.

The Roush RS3 Mustang will officially launch at the Phillip Island Festival for Speed on the 9th March.

Managing director of Mustang Motorsport Craig Dean says this agreement is a huge step forward for the Mustang Motorsport brand internationally.

“To be able to produce the RS3 ROUSH Mustang is fantastic, this will provide unique ROUSH signature Mustangs for Australian Mustang enthusiasts, and we are thrilled to build the ROUSH RS3 under licence.

“Finally, for the first time making this vehicle a world car, previously only available to US customers.”

Mustang Motorsport says all Roush RS3 vehicles come with ADR engineering compliance across all states and territories.