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Save the manuals! Porsche reissues owner manuals for every model

By Andy Enright, 03 May 2019 News

Save the manuals! Porsche reissues owner manuals for every model

Over 700 new manuals now available from 356 to 996

Classic car collectors the world over know the value of a factory-issued owner manual. It’s an invaluable guide to everyday maintenance, factory recommended tyre pressures and a treasure trove of information largely unable to be gleaned from the great unwashed on the internet. Especially so if the manual’s from a delightfully OCD German manufacturer like Porsche.

The team from Zuffenhausen have recently unleashed a torrent of factory-sanctioned nerdiness in print, covering everything from the 1952 Porsche 356 through to the turn of the century Porsche 996.

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Available through the Porsche Classics online shop, more than 700 user manuals have been reissued along with a slew of technical documents, recommended settings, warranty documents, and maintenance booklets.

The company claims that over 70 percent of all Porsche vehicles ever built are still on the road today and the aim of this document released is to ensure that this figure grows over time.

Owners of more obscure Porsche models are aware of the difficulty of separating fact from hearsay online.

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While forums can be a valuable source of practical information, assessing the veracity of claims can prove difficult.

The reissue of factory manuals now gives voice to Porsche’s word on radio unit numbers, vehicle data carriers, the type plate or paint data plate through to the engine number.

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Porsche Classic began the project to digitise the original documents a number of years ago and the physical reprints are claimed to match the original versions in terms of the printing, look and quality. Prices start at around €50 and top out at just over €100.