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Shelby GT350 twin-turbo packs 1000kW

By Scott Newman, 31 Jan 2020 News

Shelby GT350 twin-turbo packs 1000kW

US performance firm turns track Mustang into a boosted weapon

In standard guise the Shelby GT350 is a fairly impressive machine, its 5.2-litre flat-plane ‘Voodoo’ V8 producing 392kW and screaming to an 8250rpm redline.

For US performance outfit Fathouse Fabrication, however, this is merely the start. It offers a range of packages that turn the track-focused Mustang into a twin-turbo, tyre-frying monster.

Shelby GT350 twin-turbo turbos

The only real limit to the level of power provided is the size of your wallet, the twin-turbo kits kicking off at US$24,999 for the 800R and reaching to the price-on-application 1400R that comes with drag slicks and a parachute.

One step down is the 1200R, offered as a turn-key package for $84,999 on top of the donor vehicle cost. The list of upgrades is incredibly comprehensive, but the result is 559kW at the wheels on standard fuel, rising to more than 900kW at the wheels on E85 or race fuel. Check out the video below to see a 1200R bellowing out 990kW at the wheels.

Unsurprisingly, at this power level even an engine as well-engineered as the Voodoo needs a major overhaul. It’s strengthened with Darton sleeves, block supports, billet rods, oil pump and crank gears, forged pistons and an upgraded valvetrain.

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Shelby GT350 twin-turbo engineA new fuel system supplies the juice, while pumping in air are a pair of 62mm ball-bearing turbochargers, one located each side of the differential. Hand-built stainless steel headers and an active exhaust help the gasses escape, while an 11cm-thick intercooler and Tial wastegates and blow-off valve control the intake charge.

The whole show is controlled by the MoTeC M150 ECU, which has the capability for boost-by-gear and boost-by-drive-mode, launch control, flat shift, anti-lag, flex fuel and nine-stage traction control.

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Shelby GT350 twin-turbo wheelNew axles, a carbon twin-plate clutch and carbon driveshaft transit power and finally, Toyo R888R tyres attempt to contain the madness and an optional drag pack opens the window to nine-second quarter mile times.