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Skyline GT-R powered M3 unleashed

By Louis Cordony, 14 Dec 2016 News

Adelaide drifter builds RB-powered E92

Skyline GT-R powered M3 unleashed

Engine swaps are commonplace in drifting.

But how would you feel about a BMW E92 M3 fitted with a Nissan donk? If you’re Jake Jones, we’d say pretty good. 

The 26-year-old professional drifter from Adelaide sourced one of Nissan's holiest weapons, a Skyline GT-R’s engine, before slotting it into the two-door coupe.

He then took to Sydney Dragway’s huge carpark to shakedown the ‘RBM3’ in its ready-to-slide state. And a video of the day proves anything goes in the name of smoke, noise, and opposite lock.

Speaking of noise, at the heart of the M3’s shrieking war cry is an RB26 engine. But it's also been plugged with a Tomei stroker kit that lifts capacity to 2.8-litres.

Underpinned by a dry-sump oil system, the upgraded internals should also help it handle the incredible boost produced by the Precision turbo.

Skyline GT-R powered M3 driftingAll up, the engine’s said to be producing 745kW, and shoots that down to a Winters Quickchange differential and custom driveshafts.

There’s also a five-speed sequential gearbox handling the shift work, and on the outside the M3’s been fitted with a Liberty Walk widebody kit.

Its current state is a far cry from where Jones started. “I bought it two year ago from Queensland as a bare chassis, there was absolutely nothing on the car at all,” he reveals on his YouTube page.

“We haven’t cut any corners on this car and I don’t want to do that. It’s been my life for the last two years.”

Jones missed out on the World Time Attack Challenge this year to debut the car, but now looks set to tackle the “next event” that comes in the new-year.