On Subaru's stand at this week's Australian International Motor Show, it will be all eyes on the all-new 2012 Impreza, and the impressive XV concept.

That's not all that Subaru has up its sleeve for the Melbourne event however, with the company confirming today that it will show off its new Eyesight crash-avoidance technology.

Featuring a compact unit of small stereo cameras located near the rear-view mirror, Subaru EyeSight is a driver assistance system that triggers a number of advanced active, passive and preventative systems when a hazard is detected.

Similar to Volvo's CitySafe technology, the EyeSight system is designed to help drivers avoid frontal collisions, lane drifting and low-speed impacts, "locking on" to vehicles in front and adjusting speed to maintain a safe distance.

Subaru Australia MD Nick Senior confirmed today that the carmaker will display an Eyesight-equipped Outback at the event, ahead of the technology's local launch later this year.

“We believe Subaru is the first Japanese brand to offer such a comprehensive camera system and there are some aspects of the technology that have previously only been available in premium cars that are around four times more expensive,” Mr Senior added.

Mr Senior said that the Eyesight system has been a "major success" in Japan, with more than 50 percent of all new Legacy (Liberty) models sold with the optional system.