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Supercars rendered as wagons and utes

By Chris Thompson, 26 Jun 2017 News

Ferrari F40 Ute side profile

Automotive blasphemy, or...?

Some cars are better off without a ute variant.

BMW built an M3 ute a couple of decades ago and, while cool, it never really took off. Probably because they only built one.

 But, flying in the face of ‘the norm’ is an artist known as YasidDesign, who decided not only would it be cool to create supercar utes, but to up the ante with supercar wagons.

Lamborghini Huracan UteFerrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, McLaren… no car is safe from the endless imagination of this designer.

McLaren 720S not just about numbers

Under the name of a made-up customs shop, Blasphemy Motors, YasidDesign has altered the hypercar holy trinity to be almost unrecognisable.

Yet we kind of want to see the hyper-wagon thing happen. Just not like this...

Porsche-918-Wagon.jpgAs for the utes, we all know how easy it is to do skids when there’s almost no weight over the back wheels.

It does raise an interesting question for these cars, though: where would the engine go?

The ultimate hypercar track day

In a Facebook post about the utes, the designer said “Where's the engine? I have no idea really, but I like to think it's tucked in the bed.”

While the artworks are bound to divide opinion, and maybe hospitalise one or two purists, there’s no denying the skill that goes into making a supercar still look at least believable as a ute or a shooting brake.

These aren’t the wildest things YasidDesign has come up with, standouts include a Rat-rod police Kombi, a BMW E10 with the roof lopped off, and a Ferrari 250 GTO drag car…

It’s worth checking out the Facebook page. Enter at own risk.