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The Crew

11 Dec 2014 News

The Crew

Real players. Real roads. Real freedom. Real fun. The Crew is about to change what you know about action-driving games

Ubisoft’s The Crew is the next generation in action-driving games, delivering players the richest possible gaming experience by integrating the latest technology resulting in a living, breathing online world, that’s fresh and unique every time you log on to play.

At the centre of the game is a rather unique element – you. You build the game and play it the way you want, roping in your real-life crew through cutting-edge social connectivity, and taking on over 10,000km of open roads as you redline it across the entire USA!

With a line-up of exotic vehicles from a range of manufacturers, your garage is as exciting and dynamic as the gameplay and to further personalise the experience, you can customise your car to suit your tastes or to suit your next challenge which, for the record, can incorporate a range of motorsport disciplines across a range of surfaces and venues.

The Crew defines what freedom truly means in an action-driving game. In a world without barriers you’re free to cruise the streets and taunt the local Police in to a high-speed chase, or round up your mates and work together to tackle the game’s challenges in campaign mode.


With your crew helping you race and win you’re never alone during gameplay, but when you’re away from your console the fun doesn’t need to end. Continue the experience on iOS and Android tablets, and online. Stay connected and find out what your crew is up to while you’re away, tune your car remotely to prepare for your next race and even communicate with your crew to do your bidding!

Ubisoft call The Crew a living, breathing game and with social connectivity this rich, you’ve never been able to live the game like this before.



With an arsenal of high performance cars collected from manufacturers around the world, The Crew is like a candy shop for the performance enthusiast. Choose from Paganis, BMWs, Aston Martins, Bentley’s, Lamborghinis, any number of high-powered American pick-ups and iconic muscle cars including the quintessential 1967 Shelby GT500, or even Ferrari’s dream machine, the LaFerrari.


Diversity is the key to the success of The Crew and given that you’ll be expecting 110% from your car to tackle the challenges and take down the 510s gang, you’ll need to prepare your car appropriately. Tune your car to suit Raid, Street, Dirt, Performance or Circuit; then personalise it further with aesthetic and performance upgrades collected during gameplay.


The challenges are as wild and diverse as the gameplay, and will test every shred of your rev-head fibre! Timed hill climbs, a unique discipline that pitches your car off a ramp towards a bullseye target, precision driving through narrow gates, slalom challenges and a number of raw speed contests designed to push both driver and car. Of course if this all gets too much, you’ve always got thousands of kilometres of open road to hoon around on with your mates.

THE CREW is out now on PS4, Xbox One, PC & X360.