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The June issue of Wheels is much more compelling than any EOFY sale...

By Ash Westerman, 23 May 2019 News

The June issue of Wheels is much more compelling than any EOFY sale...

A magazine so crammed with hot metal, it’s guaranteed to git yer motor runnin’

Mid-sized SUVs continue to be the super-heated segment in Australia, so our June issue is your essential reading to learn the pecking order between the all-new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and its key rivals: the Mazda CX-5, Subaru Forester, Hyundai Tucson and VW Tiguan.

Spoiler alert: the ending is way more climactic than the final ep of Game of Thrones.


Meanwhile, editor Inwood rather fancies himself in a snug-fitting Nomex racesuit, so our hard-pedaling leader hops the ditch to New Zealand to wring the neck of the ultimate track-day weapon – the spectacular, F1-car-on-a-flexi-day Rodin FZed.

Then, reluctant to climb out of a suit that’s so slimming, Inwood jets home to drive the Mercedes-AMG GT4 race car, and gives us the need-to-know on this emerging category.  

And how about  BMW resuscitating the 8 Series badge? We take the M850i, a pulse-raising 2+2 super coupe, to visit the NSW racetracks which were killed off years ago.

As for EVs, we’ve got both ends of the spectrum covered this month. Ged Bulmer takes Hyundai’s battery-powered Kona EV SUV the full length of Queensland’s ‘EV Superhighway’ and finds recharging provides ample time for roadside kebab breaks, while Porsche’s first-ever pure EV sports car, the Taycan, shows its appetite for doughnuts in the Arctic Circle.  

What about even more fresh metal? Glad you asked.

We jump into the Mercedes CLA250, a car that’s now bigger than a C-Class, yet shoehorns into a narrow niche. So is it fit for purpose?

Less questions hang over the Cabriolet version of Porsche’s new 992-generation 911. This really is the rag-top sports car you can buy, thrash, and not hate yourself in the morning.

More? Of course there’s more! Some 25 years after his passing, Ayrton Senna’s own Mercedes 190E 2.3-16 graces our studio, as we dissect what made this spiritual forebear to the C63 such a game-changer for Benz.

Oh, and ex-F1 ace David Coulthard fesses up to the four life lessons he should have learned earlier, and we stick cash-rich EV builder Rivian under the microscope to see if it really can be the Tesla of 4x4 utes.

It’s all busting at the seams of the piping hot June issue of Wheels, on sale now or subscribe here.