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Tickford reveals 400kW N/A Mustang GT tune

By Chris Thompson, 20 Sep 2018 News

Tickford reveals 400kW Mustang GT tune news

Free-breathing ponies to get a lot wilder thanks to Tickford

Ford tuner Tickford is set to make the new generation of Mustang a lot more powerful, and do so without the use of forced induction.

With the standard Mustang GT producing an already-impressive 339kW and 556Nm, Tickford says its adding an additional 61kW and 76Nm into the mix – for a total of 400kW and 632Nm.

Again, that’s without the use of forced induction.

The 400kW atmo Mustang follows the last version of uprated atmo power provided by Tickford in the guise of the last-gen Mustang.

That car had 360kW, a slightly lesser increase of 54kW over the standard car, though still more power than the MY18 Mustang produces as standard.

Even the physical modifications to that car were more extensive than the tune Tickford has unleashed on the new one – the 2015-17 car was given a cold-air intake, a three-inch full exhaust system, as well as the ECU tune.

Tickford says the only change made to the new car to achieve 400kW is the tune, which leaves the engine physically pretty much the same. The uprated engine and driveline is even covered by warranty.

“Following numerous weeks spent on the dyno, the Tickford engineering team sought to further unleash the raw power, and drawing on our years of experience in both road cars and race cars, our enhancements have seen an increase in power from the standard 339kw to 400kw, and torque increases from 556Nm to 632Nm, while also ensuring a smoother power delivery.”

Each car Tickford tunes gets a numbered build plate, and a ‘Tickford Enchanced’ badge.