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Toyota AE86 turned into electric drift car

By Chris Thompson, 13 Nov 2017 News

And even though it doesn’t sound like anything but screeching tyres, it’s still pretty cool

Electric Toyota AE86

Omead Moinee has a Toyota AE86 that’s a little different to most.

Sure, there have been plenty of Hachi-Rokus turned into drift machines over the years, but how many of them have been electric?

electric Toyota AE86 driftingIt seems like an odd place to showcase a drift car, or an electric car, for that matter, but the Hoonigans’ small and apparently industrial premises was the location they decided to have a look at the drifting eco-warrior.

Built by Omead Moinee, who says he’s an engineer (and we believe him if he built this car himself), the AE86 features an electric motor in the engine bay, with a boot-full of batteries.

Aside from that, it looks much like any other drift-spec AE86, until you turn it on.

electric Toyota AE86As you’d expect, it sounds like… not much. But with a bit of right pedal, the electric motor makes an almost bizarre whirring roar.

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The only other way it makes much noise is when it’s sliding sideways around the tight courtyard outside the Hoonigans’ shed. Keep an eye out for the evidence that this space is a tad small for drifting.

While there’s not as much action in the video as we’d have liked, we think there’s value in the conversation regarding what an electric engine can actually do.

electric Toyota AE86 headlightsAdditionally, we also learned that he’s built the car to still work with a manual gearbox which is pretty damn rare for an electric vehicle.

Have a look for yourself, the guy knows what he’s doing if he can build this and drift it around Laguna Seca.