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US dealership offers 746kW Mustangs for USD$50K

By Chris Thompson, 28 Nov 2019 News

US dealership 746kW Mustangs USD$50K news

We can only dream of that here in Australia, but there’s a catch to this deal

Want 746kW of Mustang  for $73,909? Well you’d better move to the States, because that’s where a Ford dealer is offering ‘1000hp Mustangs for USD$50,000’.

To us in Oz, that’s about the base price for a non-supercharged Ford Mustang Bullitt with 345kW.

The dealer, Lebanon Ford Performance, says its program is called ‘Project M’ and allows customers to buy Mustang GTs with a manual gearbox and a Whipple or Procharger Supercharger, all for USD$49,995.

Of course, it recommends a Mustang GT with 10-speed auto and Ford’s Performance Pack 1 which adds 6-piston brakes at the front, an upgraded radiator, and more chassis bracing, to make the kit even sweeter, which brings the price to USD$54,995.

However, Lebanon Ford includes some fine print in its explanation of the package.

“LFP has always been known for offering warranty backed street cars, however this is not a basic street car with 700HP. This is a car for the person who wants to buy a turn-key 1000HP car that can also be driven on the street. This car is sold as-is, with no warranty from Lebanon Ford.”

And that’s a worry for the uninitiated, as the 746kW upgrade doesn’t include any engine upgrades to allow the 5.0-litre V8 to cope with the extra grunt.

The dealer even states in its list of extra options a ‘protection package’ which adds billet oil pump gears and halfshafts capable of dealing with around 1500kW.

“Eliminate the two weakest links of the Mustang GT in one shot. Trust us, you need them.”

It even says ‘90% of customers’ opt for this pack, which costs an additional USD$3999.

So, is this really a USD$50K Mustang with 746kW? Well, yes. But you’re not going to be driving it for long. Suddenly Ford Australia’s R-Spec is looking an even better deal.