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Vector Avtech WX-3 prototypes for sale

By Chris Thompson, 14 Aug 2018 News

Vector Avtech WX 3 prototypes for sale news

Oddball American supercars selling to fund new model

There are plenty of cars and carmakers out there most people haven’t heard of, and Vector Motors falls right into that category.

The company was originally founded by Gerald Wiegert in November 1988, eventuating in the creation of a few supercars which are rarely spoken of here in Oz.

One such car, or the prototypes for one, are now up for sale at DuPont Registry.

The Avtech WX-3 coupe and roadster are being offered for the (we’re not sure if good or bad) price of USD$3.5 million, or AUD$4.816 million to us.

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duPont says the estimated new prices of prototype these cars in 1993 would have been around $850,000 each.

Twin-turbo 7.0-litre V8 engines live in the rear, and both cars have 3-speed automatic transmissions.

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The interesting news for those who can’t afford the prototypes (the sale also includes shares in Vector) is that the money from the sale will go towards funding development of the Vector WX8 Hypercar, which was initially announced in 2007.

“Vector Motors Corporation will sign a 12 or 24-month buyback provision on both Vectors with a bonus upside for what was paid by purchaser or exchange for stock in The New Vector Motors Corporation for double what was paid in a sales transaction, as these two Vector Prototypes are priceless as related to Vector Legacy and History.

“Funds from the sale of these two Vectors will be applied towards the all-new Vector WX8 Hypercar Prototype construction that is currently in process.”

Vector had high hopes for its WX8 back then, and its well-dated website (with amazingly ‘90s promo shots, below) claims the car was to have either a supercharged 7.8-litre V8… or a 10-litre twin-turbo V8.

The 10-litre car claimed 1378kW+, and a 0-60mph (0-97km/h) sprint in “2.3 to 3.5 seconds.”

Obviously, as this was decided on more than a decade ago, times (and hopefully Vector’s 0-60mph time guesswork) have changed.

We’ll wait until the WX8 actually exists before we even guess what it’ll be like.