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Victorian motorist busts speed camera with dashcam

By Scott Newman, 16 Feb 2017 News

Victorian motorist busts speed camera with dashcam

Problematic Peninsula Link cameras recording speed inaccurately

A Victorian motorist has used dashcam footage to prove the inaccuracy of a speed camera located on Melbourne’s Peninsula Link freeway.

As reported in the Bayside News, Allan Tadich received a fine stating he was travelling at 112km/h on December 22, however has used his dashcam footage along with Google Earth to calculate that his actual speed was 101.5km/h, accurate to within 0.5km/h.

He states that these findings correlate with his belief that he had his cruise control set to 100km/h at the time. “Fortunately, I had the dashcam on and was able to review the footage later,” said Tadich. Tadich called for an internal review of the fine and his fine has been suspended pending “further investigation.”

HighwaysTadich said “I have a high level of confidence that they are clearly wrong. The camera has not been tested for 11 months and so, surely, is due for recalibration.” Speed cameras are usually tested every 12 months.

Peninsula Link speed cameras were in the news in late-2016 after many drivers received fines for 108km/h, prompting motorist Jacqueline Smith to start a Facebook group called Peninsula Link 108, which at the time of writing had 1109 members.

Highways -2At the time Road Safety Camera Commissioner John Voyage advised anyone concerned to contact his office but at the time of writing the Peninsula Link investigation is ongoing.

“We have analysed a substantial amount of data, but there is still more to go through,” said Voyage. “We are most certainly looking for where a problem could be. This involves carefully scrutinising every aspect of the road safety camera system along the Peninsula Link freeway.”