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Politician wants overtaking exempt from speed limits

By Chris Thompson, 10 Mar 2020 News

Victorian MP overtaking speed limits news

A Victorian MP calls for speeding to be legal when overtaking on single-lane highways

Liberal Democrat MP for Northern Victoria Tim Quilty is calling to change the Road Traffic Act and make it legal to exceed the speed limit while overtaking while on a highway with one lane travelling each way.

The reasoning, of course, is to have less time spent in the incoming traffic lane. During his time presenting his case, Quilty used the often-repeated point ‘drivers should pay attention to the road, not the speedo’.

But Minister for Roads Jaala Pulford responded to Quilty’s case by saying “the Government will not be supporting this… because the short answer is we’re in the business of driving the road toll down, not up.”

Quilty says despite pushback from the Labor Government, he’s receieved strong support on the matter from his constituents.

“I moved an amendment to the Road Safety Act to make it legal to exceed the speed limit on highways where there is a single lane in each direction,” Quilty says in a statement.

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“Slower moving traffic can be easily and more safely overtaken by exceeding the legal limit, thereby reducing the time spent on the wrong side of the road.

“Where drivers are stuck waiting for an overtaking opportunity while remaining at or below the speed limit, there will be frustration and, eventually, unsafe decision-making.

“And drivers who are overtaking should be looking at the traffic situation, not the speedometer.

“I've done it, I'm sure most of us have. Let's make overtaking safer and quicker.

“Although my proposed amendment to the Road Traffic Act was torpedoed by the Labor Government, I've been getting a lot of positive feedback from drivers who agree that the less time you spend on the wrong side of the road, the better.”