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Video: Mad Mike takes on the muck

20 May 2015 News

Sponsored content: Turtle Wax proves why you shouldn’t lend Mad Mike your work truck. Or should.

Video: Mad Mike takes on the muck

Normally we must await Super Bowl to reliably dish-up a bunch of clever, funny and cool car ads each year, but thanks to Turtle Wax Christmas has come a little early.

To help sell its car care products Turtle Wax has thought outside the box, hiring NZ drifter Mad Mike to slide, jump and fang a car through a gamut of filth.

The idea is simple: get the car as dirty as possible and let demon detailers Turtle Wax come to the rescue.

But this is where it gets cool.

While Mad Mike is used to drifting Mazdas, for something like this his RX-7 or wild new MX-5 just wouldn’t cut it.

To get a car truly begrimed he turned tradie-spec with a BT-50 to take on a mountain of muck.

At 0:49 he slays through some mysterious offal that looks like the kind of stuff they make frozen chicken nuggets out of.

Mad Mike is then pummelled with paintball trebuchets before hitting the brakes for something a little unexpected.

There’s more but we won’t spoil it – watch for yourself.