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Virtual Golf GTI

By Amy Middleton, 04 May 2009 News

Virtual Golf

Take a to-scale model of the MkVI GTI for a virtual spin, and be transported back to your slot car days.

If test-driving the real Golf MkVI GTI would be a taster, then this virtual Scalextric intro is barely a whiff.

On the plus side, the simulator eats away minutes at the office, and omits annoying side-effects of the real Scalextric - I distinctly remember family arguments and carpet fluff on the track inhibiting use of our Bathurst 1000 Brocky special AFX slot-car set.

This mess-free, mouse-operated online model is a plug for the upcoming UK release of the GTI, which we tested in the May issue of Wheels.

A team of 60 modellers created a real life 9 x 7.6 metre reproduction, in which a 1:43 scale GTI navigates precariously along a track through 200 similarly scaled buildings.

True to real life slot cars, the virtual Golf will crash if you get over-zealous with the left-click. And the simulation happily includes a static-y montage of your 'GTI engineer' replacing the unit back in its track groove for the remainder of your race.

To satisfy the competitive streak, achieving what the website deems an acceptable lap time will enter you in the draw to win a GTI. That's right, your very own GTI ... on loan, of course ... um, for three months only.

Oh, and it's only open to UK residents.

Still, the game's highly recommended for nostalgic value, safe in the knowledge that no family pets will paw at the track and interrupt your slot car's cornering.