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Volkswagen Golf GTI Next Level concept unveiled

By Chris Thompson, 10 May 2018 News

Volkswagen Golf GTI Next Level concept unveiled

The VW meet at Lake Wörthersee in Austria was the stage for VW to reveal its 302kW Golf

At the annual Lake Wörthersee VW GTI meet In Austria, Volkswagen has made a tradition of revealing projects built by its teams of apprentices each year.

This year was no different, with VW pulling the covers off a Golf GTI built by a team of 15 Wolfsburg up-and-comers.

Dubbed the ‘Golf GTI Next Level’, it sports a look as wild as its claimed output of 302kW and 511Nm.

Obviously, as it’s a concept, we shouldn’t expect any production 302kW GTIs to arrive any time soon, but it does coincide with the announcement that Volkswagen is releasing a 213kW Golf GTI ‘TCR’  based on its racer which competes in the series of the same name.


The GTI Next Level, like the TCR, has a 7-speed dual-clutch transferring power from a turbo 2.0-litre engine to, we assume, the front wheels.

Wörthersee 2017: Golf GTI First Decade hybrid concept

The apprentices developed the GTI Next Level though the use of computer design programs and 3D printing, though components such as the rear diffuser and the interior strips of the forged aluminium wheels (from an Audi R8) were actually painted by hand.


The Next Level is also fitted out with special equipment and features such as a video game integrated into the car via screens and a controller.

Volkswagen’s head of training and education Andreas Strutz says the project is supported by various departments throughout the VW brand.

“During the creation of their dream Golf, our apprentices learn about the complexity of automobile production and many future-oriented topics,” says Strutz

“They also gain practical experience in the application of digital technologies, control and systems technology and the networking of vehicles with the Internet.

“For this unique vehicle project, we select especially committed young talents and give them the opportunity to learn from experienced colleagues at an early stage.”

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