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VW Golf GTI First Decade hybrid concept revealed

By Chris Thompson, 26 May 2017 News

VW Golf GTI First Decade hybrid group side2

Wolfsburg apprentices build 312kW GTI incorporating hybrid electric motor

A group of Volkswagen apprentices have spent almost nine months developing the first GTI to feature electric propulsion, the GTI First Decade concept.

With 312kW at its disposal, it has almost twice the power of a regular 162kW GTI, as well as being able to operate in three drive modes, front-wheel, rear-wheel, and all-wheel.

This is due to the configuration the designers came up with in that the battery powers the rears (and can be used as the only propulsion in slow or stop-start traffic), while the engine powers the front (as per normal).

VW Golf GTI First Decade
Both can be engaged at the same time so that all wheels are driving the car.

The Primary engine accounts for 300kW of the 312 kW total, with the electric motor contributing the other dozen kilowatts.

Peter Christ, head of automotive technology training in Wolfsburg says the challenges the apprentices (all about 20-years-old) encountered will help make them more aware of what is and is not yet possible in the area of automotive innovation.

"This is why we choose our strongest talents and offer them the opportunity to learn from experienced instructors and experts from the entire company at an early stage," Christ adds.

Hybrid VW Golf GTE Performance
The Golf GTI First Decade is the latest of 10 show car projects since 2008.

Another premiere  at Wörthersee was the Golf GTE Performance concept car (above), a higher performance version of the hybrid GTE.

Instead of the GTE’s normal 150kW, the plug-in hybrid drive system of this concept car develops 200kW.  Torque also increases from 350 to 450Nm.