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Volvo reveals armoured XC90, which weighs 4.5-tonnes

By Oscar Wynen, 27 Jun 2019 News

Volvo reveals armoured XC90, which weighs 4.5-tonnes

If you are expecting to encounter grenades, high-velocity bullets, and a TNT blast on your morning commute, Volvo has the car for you

For those of you out there who thought the regular XC90 wasn’t already safe enough, Volvo’s built the car just for you, introducing the 4.5-tonne XC90 ‘Armoured’.

For those left wondering how this XC90 differs from what you can find in your local Volvo showroom, the hint is in the name, with the newest addition to the Swedish large SUV family taking the brand’s reputation for safety to another level.

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The armoured is based on the T6 version of the XC90, meaning it has a 2.0-litre twin-charged four-cylinder which sends 235kW and 400Nm to all four wheels.

After leaving the factory it’s sent to Germany, where armoured-vehicle company Trasco Bremen work their magic, which is to say they turn a humble family SUV into a 4.5 tonne armoured tank.

Trasco Bremen adds 10mm thick steel armour plating and 50mm thick glass, giving it a protection rating of VR8. Which means it has “360-degree ballistic resistance as well as explosive resistance”.

A VR8 rating gives occupants the peace of mind that they will be safe, even when confronted with 7.6 mm high-velocity, armour-piercing incendiary rounds, a 15kg TNT explosion, and DM51 grenades going off beneath the floor and on the roof.

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The amour adds over 1,400kg to the XC90 kerb weight, meaning a fully armoured XC90 weighs in at a porky 4.5-tonne. We shudder to think what the fuel economy would be like with all that extra bulk.

Sound a little too serious for you? Well luckily Volvo is also offering a light amour package.

The light version gets converted from the same T6 trim, but “primarily provide[s] protection against handguns”. Handy, if you have some particularly nasty neighbours.

For the weight-conscious, the light amour package only adds around 250kg to the kerb weight.

Due to the substantial extra weight, both models receive upgraded suspension and brakes. But the engine remains stock, meaning the 235kw four-cylinder will be working hard lugging around the extra weight.

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Apparently Volvo has received “numerus requests” for an armoured XC90 and began working on the project two years ago.

If it sounds like the car for you then all you need to do is head over to the armoured section on the Volvo website. Sales of the light version start in the “first half of 2020”.