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VW Multivan with Porsche 911 Turbo engine up for sale

By Chris Thompson, 24 Jan 2019 News

VW Multivan with Porsche 911 Turbo engine up for sale news

Custom Volkswagen van built by TH Automobile is a sleeper you could sleep in

In the same vein as dropping an old air-cooled Porsche-tuned engine into a Kombi van is this, the TH2 built by Berlin-based TH Automobile.

But where the Kombi was still fairly simple this Multivan is quite plush, and the old air-cooled flat-sixes don’t quite stack up to the might of… say, a modern Porsche 911 Turbo engine?

Yeah, this subtle van is powered by an uprated 427kW 3.6-litre turbocharged engine from the 997-generation of Porsche 911.

TH Automobile actually has different versions of vans with Porsche engines, the other two main models it builds being the TH2RS with a 573kW engine, a lighter body, and a top-speed of 310km/h, or the 353kW TH3 which is actually a ute-style van capable of 270km/h.

The particular TH2 up for sale on German site CARspecial was built for a customer to a high specification, completed over two years.

The TH2’s engine, transmission, and even chassis are 911-based, with the Volkswagen Multivan T5 body fitted on top.

Because of its Porsche-derived drivetrain, it’s rear-wheel drive, with the fuel tank in the front where the T5’s engine would have previously been.

CARspecial claims it would have originally cost the customer around €250,000 (AUD$400K), but the TH2 is listed for €139,800, or AUD$224K.

Inside, the interior is a far cry from standard, with Porsche-inspired leather and even a steering wheel taken from a 997-gen 911.

CARspecial says “all 6 individual seats are exclusively prepared and can also be adjusted” as necessary, plus there’s a folding table for added convenience.

So could someone bring it to Australia and register it here? No, really, please?