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Walter Rohrl crashes Porsche 918

08 Jul 2015 News

Rally legend overcooks it in million-dollar hypercar

Walter Rohrl crashes Porsche 918

Even the very best occasionally get it wrong.

If you drive fast enough for long enough, every now and then you're going to have a moment or two.

Rally legend Walter Rohrl needs no introduction. The two-time WRC champion has been a pivotal part of Porsche's development team for more than 25 years.

Even at 68 years of age, his driving skills are off the scale, as he ably demonstrated to us earlier this year in a Porsche 911 Turbo S on snow in Sweden.

However, it appears that during development of the 918 Spyder, one high-speed corner at the Sachsenring caught him out, leading to a fairly hefty impact with the barrier.

Such incidents are all part of the testing process; if you're going to make an omelette (or a supercar) you're occasionally going to break a few eggs.

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