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A message from the Editor regarding Facebook

By Dylan Campbell, 22 Feb 2021 News

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Our reaction to Facebook's decision last week

Dear readers,

Last week our service was impacted when Facebook turned off our page with no warning whatsoever. Who to blame is beside the point, but the fact is, unless you follow us on other platforms, we could no longer give you your daily fix of Australian-centred car news and reviews.

Our Facebook page continues to be inactive, although it seems posts prior to February 18 have been reinstated. As of today, February 22, we cannot post publicly to the page.

We know many of you use Facebook for your automotive news. To avoid interruptions like this in future, we strongly encourage you to take control of how you receive your content by making sure you’re subscribed to us on other channels.

This also helps us A LOT. Unlike other publishers, we are a reader-funded business. You’re our number one customer.

Even online, that gives us a degree of independence we have enjoyed ever since we published the first issue of Wheels way back in 1953. We can’t undersell the importance of this.

But we need your support in order to keep it that way. Make sure you are doing these six things:

  1. Subscribe to the magazine. Get the latest from the car world in a beautiful, glossy, monthly magazine. Well-researched writing that’s better than watching any video, punchy photography, no screens, information curated by people (not some shitty algorithm). This is the best way you can support us. We are investing heavily in our magazine and you should definitely jump onboard for the ride. Home delivery is free, too. https://wheels.subscription.com.au/
  2. Subscribe to our email newsletter to get a snapshot of the week’s hottest and most popular stories straight to your inbox. Scroll to the bottom of this article and and you’ll see the Sign Up box.
  3. Check our website regularly. We update the homepage multiple times per day with the latest stories. Add it to your bookmarks, if you’re still living in 1999 using Netscape www.whichcar.com.au/wheels
  4. Follow us on Twitter where we post our news and reviews daily. www.twitter.com/wheelsaustralia
  5. Follow us on Instagram where we post the best images from our magazine, daily. www.instagram.com/wheelsaustralia
  6. Follow us on YouTube where we have really started ramping up our video output with some really cool stuff coming down the pipeline. www.youtube.com/wheelsaustralia

We welcome regular feedback as well. Email us at wheels@aremedia.com.au

Thank you. Regular service shall now resume… and here’s hoping we get our Facebook page back, although we’re not counting on it!

Dylan Campbell
Editor, Wheels Magazine