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When Ken Block met FPV

By Scott Newman, 04 Oct 2016 News

World's biggest hoon destroys tyres in Aussie muscle car

When Ken Block met FPV

When the world's biggest hoon meets a supercharged Aussie muscle car, tyre destruction is inevitable. 

The date was 2011 and the location was Calder Park. Ken Block was in Australia to compete in the Australian round of the World Rally Championship in Coffs Harbour, however took the opportunity to add Oz to his Gymkhana World Tour.

MOTOR was lucky enough to score a ride in Block's incredible 480kW Ford Fiesta HFHV (Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle), but our former sister mag Top Gear Australia took it a step further by bringing a different Ford product along for Ken to try, an FPV GT-P.

Despite claiming "rear-wheel drive really isn't my game" Ken had no trouble lighting it up for the cameras, quickly demolishing a set of rear tyres - all in the name of photography of course - before performing a series of donuts around the FPV in his Fiesta.

The event also allowed Block and V8 Supercar drivers Will Davison and Mark Winterbottom the opportunity to do a car swap, the Aussies sampling the HFHV while Block got familiar with an FG Supercar.

It's fair to say that all three were well out of their comfort zone, Block spinning on the first corner in the Supercar while Davison and Winterbottom struggled to adapt to the unique techniques required to drift an all-wheel drive, techniques that Block makes look all too easy.